Live at Studio Coelacanth

Check out CARTHIEFSCHOOL's live in-studio set at Studio Coelacanth in Sapporo featuring songs from their recently released debut album and their upcoming release.


Sapporo trio CARTHIEFSCHOOL release their self-titled debut album on February 24.

Track Listing:

  1. 蜜柑 (mikan)
  2. bloodthirsty
  3. 独法 (doppo)
  4. house
  5. 朴訥 (bokutotsu)
  6. 1
  7. 兎角大宝 (tokakutaihou)
  8. 油 (abura)
  9. 昭和歌謡大全集 (shouwakayoudaizensyuu)
  10. 蟹工船 (kanikousen)
  11. ドラマ (drama)
  12. 約束 (yakusoku)

The LP edition will be available in the spring on yellow or black vinyl, more details soon.

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CARTHIEFSCHOOL new single "Abura"

October 28th sees Sapporo trio CARTHIEFSCHOOL drop two slabs of razor-sharp post-punk intensity ahead of their forthcoming debut album on Transduction. The single will be available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital/streaming stores.

Track Listing:

  1. 油 (abura)
  2. 昭和歌謡大全集 (shouwakayoudaizensyuu)

Check out a clip of the band recorded at last year's Dosanco Jam festival:

Dinah Brand new album Thank You Driver


Dinah Brand will release their third album Thank You Driver on May 31st - available on vinyl and all digital/streaming formats.

The band will launch the album upstairs at Whelan's in Dublin on Friday, June 7th with more gigs to follow.

Track Listing:

1. Protagonist
2. Cocks & Aces
3. Bill
4. Lagos
5. Rain On Summit
6. Garden
7. Old Track
8. Other Heads
9. Rotunda Boy
10. River

Check out the video for "Old Track":

New Dinah Brand single "Rotunda Boy"

Dinah Brand return with a new single "Rotunda Boy" / "Old Track" available now - download here or on Bandcamp or stream it on Apple Music or Spotify.

Long term resident in the Dublin Heritage City Experience, Dinah Brand songs go like this: personal intimacies and universal anxieties hidden in obscure, confusing word bunches; combined with warm and erratic electric guitar tones and all, usually but not exclusively, shifting at mid pace drum time.

Way back in 2002, Dinah Brand released Pale Monkey Blues, a classic piece of Dublin noir. In 2010 or so it was second album I Can Walk Through – another sad and lovely suite.

A new album will appear soon - this time, it's (perversely) as positive and angry as a natural melancholic can be.

Check out the video for "Rotunda Boy":

The Spook announce final performance of Lockout

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The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock will perform Lockout in its entirety one last time at Dublin's Unitarian Church on Saturday, February 2nd, before beginning work on their next album.

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"In their transformation into this hydra of guitars, what The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock have done with ‘Lockout’ is create a sonically literate, textured and diverse ensemble piece that moves deftly through genres and time signatures, enriching its characters and enlivening an era."
Golden Plec

"Amidst the wide-spanning and ambitious storytelling, however, The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock’s aptitude as musicians should not be overlooked. Pairing the soundtrack – be it the shimmer of scene-setting guitar, the trad-folk rumble of the ordinary man’s tale, the light, toe-tappy cadence of a gentle interlude or Blighe’s stoic vocal as he becomes another character in the fascinating narrative, they prove themselves masterful musical storytellers. From start to finish, a remarkable piece of work." The Irish Times

"Lockout proves to be a serious and often extremely powerful artistic statement about a crucial moment in Irish History" Hot Press

"Lockout is perhaps as far from easy listening as you can get, but it's a seriously impressive piece of work that pushes the boundaries of what music can achieve" Sunday Business Post

Lilac Perfume & Stomach Pump

Grandpa's Ghost, March 2017

Lilac Perfume & Stomach Pump, Grandpa's Ghost's career spanning retrospective is out now. Download here in the shop or get it from Bandcamp.

Check out a previously unreleased song "Dance of Death Blues" which is featured on the album:

The band's entire back-catalog from 1995 to date is also available now on streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and more - almost 19 hours of music to dive into.

Grandpa's Ghost on Spotify

Grandpa's Ghost on Apple Music

Check out "Concrete Eyes" from 2002's (The Tumble/Love Version): Hear Past The Static, also featured on Lilac Perfume & Stomach Pump: