The Dinah Brand –“I Can Walk Through”


The Dinah Brand will release their long-awaited second album “I Can Walk Through” on October 4th. The album contains nine songs and was produced by the band with Stephen Shannon. The track listing is:

1. Reunion
2. What’s Required of a Person
3. Constantly Watching
4. Team of Fast Detectives
5. Vampires Trapped in Time
6. Go Inside
7. Pete
8. Bands
9. Seacat

Spook feature in R2

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock interviewed in this month’s R2 magazine:

Spook R2

LITE “Illuminate”

LITE - Illuminate

The new album from LITE will be released on August 16th. The album was recorded during two sessions – five tracks recorded and mixed by John McEntire of Tortoise at Soma Electronic Music Studios in Chicago and a further three tracks done with J Robbins (Jawbox) at Magpie Cage in Baltimore.

Track listing is:

1. Drops
2. Image Game
3. On The Mountain Path
4. Andromeda
5. 100 Million Rainbows
6. The Sun Sank
7. Tomato
8. Vermillion

Check out the video for “Image Game”:

LITE live in Los Angeles webcast

LITE will be broadcasting their gig at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles on their Ustream site, kicking off at 10pm local time (6am GMT) tomorrow. The band have just finished recording songs for their next album at Soma Studios in Chicago with John McEntire.