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New Dinah Brand single "Rotunda Boy"

Nov 23, 2018

Dinah Brand return with a new single "Rotunda Boy" / "Old Track" available now - download here or on Bandcamp or stream it on Apple Music or Spotify.

Long term resident in the Dublin Heritage City Experience, Dinah Brand songs go like this: personal intimacies and universal anxieties hidden in obscure, confusing word bunches; combined with warm and erratic electric guitar tones and all, usually but not exclusively, shifting at mid pace drum time.

Way back in 2002, Dinah Brand released Pale Monkey Blues, a classic piece of Dublin noir. In 2010 or so it was second album I Can Walk Through – another sad and lovely suite.

A new album will appear soon - this time, it's (perversely) as positive and angry as a natural melancholic can be.

Check out the video for "Rotunda Boy":