Breakin' Out - Glimmermen

Glimmermen return with their second album “Breakin’ Out”. The nine track album finds the band embellishing the core guitar/bass/drums line-up of their debut with brass arrangements – the result is a more accessible album, while still retaining the distinctive cutting edge of their live shows.

Recorded at The Meadow in Wicklow by The Deaf Brothers (Rian Trench & Robert Watson) at the beginning of 2016.

"A refreshingly optimistic album bursting with real heart and instant, carefully-considered songwriting" - The Thin Air

"Amid the cracked grooves and blasts of brass, songs such as the excellent, evocative Ragged City paint a more reflective, downbeat picture... a concise collection, but there is plenty of eating and drinking in it ****" - Irish Times

"Taut percussive shouty pop from the Dublin quartet, who spice a springy ambience and apocalyptic caveat with added brass stabs, that sees them homing in on the three chords that would change the world." - Evening Herald