Formed in 2010 from the ashes of revered Irish bands Boxes (Gavin Cowley, vocals, guitar), Jackbeast (J Bassetti, stand-up bass, vocals) and Holy Ghost Fathers (Phil Murray, drums, vocals), along with David Pendergast (trumpet), Glimmermen are a band that take rock and roll back to its primitive core.

Having quickly earned a reputation for their intense live shows, the band released their debut EP “Satellite People” in 2012 to positive press and comparisons to Television, Pop Group and Mission of Burma.

Decamping to Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore as Hurricane Sandy was battering the eastern seaboard, the band hunkered down with ex-Jawbox frontman J Robbins at the controls to record their debut, “I’m Dead” (2013), earning them widespread acclaim.

Now the quartet are set to return with their second album “Breakin’ Out” on June 17th. The nine track album finds the band embellishing the core guitar/bass/drums line-up of their debut with brass arrangements – the result is a more accessible album, while still retaining the distinctive cutting edge of their live shows.


Satellite People (2012, Greyslate, EP)
I'm Dead (2013, Transduction)
Breakin' Out (2016, Transduction)
Here I Stand (2019, Greyslate)