Dinah Brand

Dinah Brand is a band from Dublin, Ireland – four people all playing different musical instruments, sometimes in harmony, sometimes not. In thrall to The Byrds, Lee Dorsey, The Replacements, Little Feat, Go Betweens, Neu, Big Star and Michael Hurley, they also would like to think that songs governed by enigmatic sentiment and songs that long to be films have a place in the present global soundworld.

Like Frankenstein’s sad monster, Dinah Brand are made up of parts of old bands exhumed and re-animated: D. Phillips of Pet Lamb, S. Ryan of The Stars Of Heaven and The Revenants, G. Ward of Jackbeast and D. Lacey of Three Ring Psychosis, Legion Of Two and The Jackson 5. Sometimes they are graced by the presence and skill of the artist John Hegarty.

Formed circa 2003 they released one album, Pale Monkey Blues, to mild critical acclaim; which featured delicate songs of fractured beauty and tales of farce and tragedy. They also released a devotional little tune called “Perfect And Whole” on a split single with the Tycho Brahe. In the many intervening years since those releases Dinah Brand has been experiencing life to its fullest and most incomprehensible in order to collate and harness these experiences into musical drama for your delectation and enjoyment.


Pale Monkey Blues (2003, Perilous)
Perfect and Whole (2003, Road Relish, split single w/Tycho Brahe)
I Can Walk Through (2010, Transduction)