Thank You Driver - Dinah Brand

Dinah Brand release their third album Thank You Driver on May 31st, available on vinyl LP and digital.

Long term resident in the Dublin Heritage City Experience, Dinah Brand songs go like this: personal intimacies and universal anxieties hidden in obscure, confusing word bunches; combined with warm and erratic electric guitar tones; and all— usually, but not exclusively—shifting at mid-pace drum time.

Way back in 2002, they released Pale Monkey Blues, a classic piece of Dublin noir. In 2010 or so, it was second album I Can Walk Through—another sad and lovely suite.

Their latest album (also a record) is Thank You Driver. This one, perversely, is as positive and angry as a natural melancholic can be—as sweet as it is dyspeptic.

Never belonging but always available, three albums deep, Dinah Brand songs are your friend if you want it—you need never feel lonesome again.

"Utterly superb...Dinah Brand’s third album chimes with guitar beauty and weeps with wry lyrical sophistication in equal measure" - RTÉ

"Dublin supergroup purvey languorous guitar music...the best Irish guitar-based album since Fontaines DC caused such a stir with their debut...richly deserves to be in the shake-up for the next Choice Music Prize" - Irish Times

"A seductive listen...scratch at the surface and you’ll find traces of Neil Young, The Church, Dave Gilmore’s Floyd songs and other English psychedelia, while a closer look might remind some of obscure Americana bands such as Granfaloon Bus or Souled American" - Americana UK

"The seamless quality of this release from Dinah Brand is quietly addictive upon repeated plays" - Lonesome Highway

Dinah Brand - Rotunda Boy:

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