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  • TDR-010
  • CD
Release Date: Aug 16, 2010

Illuminate signals a change in direction for LITE with the addition of synths and myriad percussion instruments placing an emphasis on texture and rhythm while remaining faithful to the pillars of the band's trademark dual-guitar sound: precision, power and unforgettable hooks. Nowhere is this more exemplified than on the stop-start futuristic rock of “Image Game” or the swirling soundscapes heard on “100 Million Rainbows”.

Five tracks recorded and mixed by John McEntire at Soma Electronic Music Studios in Chicago. This CD edition adds three tracks from the Japan-only "Turns Red" EP, recorded by J Robbins at Magpie Cage in Baltimore.

"Illuminate is massive in intent, devilish in its detail and saturated with colour. And it rocks!" - Subba Cultcha

"A band coming alive to immense effect" - State

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