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  • TDR-004
  • CD
Release Date: Feb 26, 2007

Stunning debut album from Japanese instrumentalists LITE.

"One of the most technical yet enjoyable instrumental math-rock albums in recent memory…Filmlets is a truly remarkable album." - The Silent Ballet

"A spectacular new addition to the math rock fraternity...instrumental music of head-spinning complexity." - The Source

"Filmlets is a compelling mix of Shellac severity and Blonde Redhead urgency, with great rock tracks like 'Human Gift' demonstrating the group's collective creativity to the full...LITE look set to lead the post-rock fightback." - Rock-a-Rolla

"LITE pack an impressive emotional weight alongside the inevitable barrage of musical technicality...the warm guitar tones of track such as 'Human Gift' are sent skyward on the back of the band's extravagantly gifted rhythm section while the sweeping e-bow of 'RE' possesses a grandeur worthy of Explosions In The Sky. Indeed it's this unashamedly epic and accessible streak that makes LITE so appealing." - Rock Sound

"The wall of sound they create has so many exciting layers that it is impressive to just imagine the tracks performed live." - Fake Jazz

"Funky, quirky, driving math prog rock!" - Ptolemaic Terrascope

"This is the kind of music that requires headphones clamped on and the volume turned up high while you lay back and just let it break over you like a tumultuous sea...emotive and uplifting"" - Music OMH

"A corker of an album" - Subba-Cultcha

"They create an amazing aural sound scape in which you can immerse yourself" - The Line of Best Fit

"Guitarists Nobuyuki Takeda and Kozo Kusumoto employ a kind of call and response style, which only accents the bands affinity for complex time changes and mind-fucking riffs. Moments of musical calculus are often broken up by slower, jazzy passages which place more emphasis on the bass and percussion. The most impressive thing about Lite is their remarkable ability to match their technicality with melody and emotion—something that is seldom accomplished in the genre." - Decoy Music

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