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Setsuwasetsu Nango

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  • TDR-020
  • LP
Release Date: Jun 27, 2018

Setsuwasetsu combines Nango's two EPs - Setsuwa (2016) and the just-released Wasetstu on to one vinyl LP.

Nango are a three piece band based in Sapporo, Japan. The trio - Toshiaki Takeda (guitar, vocals), Akane Terui (bass) and Ryutaro Iwasaki (drums) came together in university and have firmly established themselves as one of the leading lights of the city's burgeoning underground scene over the past two years.

Citing influences as disparate as Zazen Boys and The Mars Volta, Nango take an expansive approach to the guitar/bass/drums format, effortlessly shifting from feedback-laden punk-prog howls to intricate, psychedelia-tinged grooves, with Toshiaki Takeda's dream-like, stream of consciousness lyrics an essential component of the band's sound.

"Full of vitality, the tunes fly by with “Gorilla Panic” really standing out as it races across the room..each track revealing layers of texture and melody, the album expanding and evolving with every spin" - Terracope