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The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock

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  • TDR-006
  • CD
発売: 2008年 05月 06日

The Spook of the Thirteenth Lockとは『アイルランド・ ダブリンの音楽』を奏でる集団だ。もちろんバンジョーの音も入っており、ギター・ベース・ドラムとしたバンド・サウンドがより一層アイルランドの音を強烈にアピールしている。

自らのバンド名をデビューアルバムのタイトルとした今回の作品は、伝統的なアイルランド・ミュージックに加え『16 Horsepower』『Thin Lizzy』『The Chieftains』にみられるスピリッツ、そしてプログレッシブやPost Rock的な要素も加えられて力強い1枚である。

2006年に元Holy Ghost FathersのAllen BligheがEnda Batesと共に単なるフォークサウンドからサイケロック・プログレッシブ的な要素などをを加えて音源作りを始め、 元SteerageのDonnchadh Hoey (Guitar)とBrian O’ Higgins (Drums) の加入により今のメンバーでThe Spook of the Thirteenth Lockが誕生した。

『The Hare』や『Pimlico』で聞ける『辛さ、幻滅、裏切り、愛国心』などの歴史的背景を思い浮かばせる一面もあれば、代表曲といっていいような『The Partisan』で聞けるマケドニア・フォークに影響を受けた楽曲もあり、音楽性の幅が広くそれでいて綺麗なメロディーが聞こえて来る、そんな質の良い一枚である。

"An album that combines vitality, bold vision and vivid imagination. Time to ditch those tired old Celtic-rock retreads. This is the real stuff." - Rock and Reel

"One of the best pieces of contemporary Irish rock music we’ve heard in an age" - Irish Times

"The best album I have heard from Ireland since Fionn Regan’s ‘The End Of History’ and like that masterpiece this a record that is exceptionally beautiful and inspired yet truly deeply disturbed." - Americana UK

"Haunted, rabble rousing folk" - Evening Herald

"The best tunes are wrapped in the kind of guitar blizzard mostly associated with Sixteen Horsepower or early Dirty Three" - Uncut

"Irish album of the year by a country mile (with hairpin bends every 15 yards), haunting doesn’t even begin to describe it." - MP3 Hugger

"Heart-pounding Pogues-esque moments, My Bloody Valentine’s fuzzy logic, indie guitar crescendos and Nick Cave’s solitary confinement rock…wonderful work." - State

"An album of intergalactic Irish-tinged post-rock and sacred and secular folk" - Pop Matters

"As vital and progressive an Irish traditional album as there has been in the past decade, overflowing with ideas and experimental in a manner that few have ever been brave enough or - crucially - talented enough to take on. Fusing elements of trad, folk, psychedelic and full-on rock, the band has succeeded in creating an album that almost perfectly captures the Ireland of today, which struggles to define itself, clutching desperately to its past even as it embraces a future that appears startlingly different. It is dark, it is challenging, it is teeming with innovation and guile, but most of all, it is a thing of utter beauty that borders on the visionary." - Irish Examiner USA

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The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock