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  • TDR-003
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Release Date: Feb 26, 2007

Mikabe sent shock waves around the Japanese underground with its combination of free-form jazz and explosive intensity. Its six tracks feature singer and multi-instrumentalist Jun Nemoto delivering an impassioned, caustic take on Japanese society over a cacophony that grooves menacingly. If Pharoah Sanders had jammed with late-period Black Flag it may have sounded like this.

"US hardcore blast of yore gets caught up in a powerful free jazz vibe. Z are defiantly rock, but it is hard not to imagine the ghosts of Kaoru Abe and Masayuki Takayanagi slowly nodding their heads in approval" - The Wire

"Z brood malevolently, sometimes enigmatically before exploding into cascades of precise noise. They are cutting, ethereal, occasionally brutal and maybe even beautiful" - New Noise

"A wholly assured and involving debut release" - Rock-a-Rolla

"Cool jazz rock!" - Ptolemaic Terrascope

"A brilliant, vital fusion of free jazz and abrasive, discordant punk...bewilderingly beautiful" - Subba Cultcha

"It’s the music of fits and starts: a grunt, a strum, a scream, a honk, a hoot, an eruption into noise, a retreat into guitar-whine. The artistic fruit of an apparently unwavering feeling of frustration, Mikabe is going to seem either exhilarating or puzzling, depending on your point of view" - Pop Matters