The Arm

The Arm are a three piece instrumental band from the West Midlands. Formed in 2003, the band’s members are: Alex Keane (guitar), Warren Thelwell (bass) and Mike Rowley (drums).

The Arm’s unique sound blends awkward math rock riffs with electronica resulting in their acclaimed self-titled debut EP on Speedowax in 2005. Having played with the likes of Kid Commando, Oxes, Oxbow, Mono and French Toast, the band were included in Capsule’s SXSW compilation “Supersonic – Treats From The Heart Of England” last year, which was curated by left-field luminaries such as ATP’s Barry Hogan and Static Caravan.

In June 2006 the band re-emerged with a new four-track EP, “He Builds Bombs” – on this latest release The Arm have stepped up the intensity with a relentless assault of frenzied rhythms, razor-edged guitars and acid damaged electronica.


The Arm (2005, Speedowax, EP)
He Builds Bombs (2006, Transduction, EP)