Shop update

New releases by Sequence Pulse and As Meias added to the shop.


Lots more press reviews added for “Filmlets” and “Mikabe”. The Z track “Mugen” is streaming at Paper Thin Walls. The band will play their first gig of 2007 after a long break in Tokyo on May 6th. Also check out a great Z article at New Noise. The Arm will play The King Edward Inn in Birmingham (formerly Chapter Eleven) on March 31st with Mills & Boon and have been added to the bill for the Wheaton Aston Music Festival on May 19th.


Added section for the Japanese label Catune to the shop. You can now order items from the Catune catalogue including albums by Boris, Toe and Nine Day Wonder.


“Filmlets” and “Mikabe” will be in stores on February 26th via Cargo but are available now by mail order from our web shop. The beautifully packaged LP+DVD edition of “Mikabe” is only available on mail order from Transduction.

LITE will release a limited edition EP “Live in Limerick” on February 19th, only available at shows in Japan and recorded at the Boat Club (RIP) last September. “Contemporary Disease” is featured on a new compilation in Japan titled “Article of Parade”.

Check out LITE on YouTube.

Brothers Jun and Ayumu Nemoto from Z are also members of the awesome Henry Cow influenced Hununhum and are playing sporadically around Tokyo at the moment.

Read a review of “Mikabe” at


Shop updated! Check out The Silent Ballet’s review of “Filmlets”:

“…one of the most technical yet enjoyable instrumental math-rock albums in recent memory…Filmlets is a truly remarkable album”

New videos for “Human Gift” and “Gohyaku Manyen” are also now online. The Arm will be playing at British Wildlife’s Big Fat Weekend festival in Leeds next month. Other dates include shows with Trans Am and USA Is A Monster, more details on the schedule page.

New year news

LITE’s “Filmlets” and Z’s “Mikabe” albums will be available to order online directly from us on January 15th and should hit the shops during February via Cargo. LITE’s version of the Radiohead song “Everything In Its Right Place” was released on a tribute CD in Japan in November – hopefully this will see a release in Europe later this year. “I Miss Seeing All” was a featured track on Nokia’s Music Recommenders site during December – warning: site is Windows only! Thanks to Dave at Road Records.

Z –"Mikabe"

Img 9275

We’re delighted to announce the release of Tokyo-based Z’s “Mikabe” album in January. Z have been blowing minds in Japan for the last year with their crazy free-form sounds. If Pharoah Sanders had jammed with late period Black Flag it might have sounded like this. More info soon.