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The Carnage Queen Grandpa's Ghost

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  • TDR-016
  • 2LP
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発売: 2017年 05月 19日

マスタリング:ボブ・ウェストン (Chicago Mastering Service)

"Grandpa’s Ghost ground their hypnotic country rock deeper into psychedelia than anyone short of Neil Young & Crazy Horse" - Joe Carducci

"Peddling a lysergic brand of americana, this double album re-defines the word sprawling, a long strange trip that takes you places you have never been before...this collection rises easily above its influences to stand proudly as a future classic." - Terrascope Magazine

"Pocahontas, IL’s Grandpa’s Ghost have been active since the ’90s, garnering beaucoup accolades and a too-small following, which is to be expected when roots and experimentation intersect. Impossible to imagine without the precedent of Neil Young in and outside of Crazy Horse, but boy howdy do they transcend that template on this 2LP (+ bonus digital set Country of Piss). “I Am a Specimen” is a highlight of raucous out-rock leading into “Come Here, Come Here,” which hits like a midwestern Lungfish crossed with Peter Jefferies." - The Vinyl District

"The dichotomy of the band's output goes beyond the quiet/loud, acoustic/electric divide; the most charged moments for Grandpa's Ghost are fuzzy, gnarly divining rods, while the more spare tracks create their circular and oblong patterns as if dictated by some long-suspended pendulum." - Riverfront Times

"Founding members Ben Hanna and Bill Emerson are joined by longtime drummer Jack Petracek and guest guitarist Tim Garrigan (late of stress-metal pioneers Dazzling Killmen), leveraging a sound that approximates a sideways take on Neil Young & Crazy Horse by way of Silkworm, or Wilco meets Shellac, maybe Mark Kozelek via Lungfish. They drive it hard; even the acoustic tracks feel like more fingernail lifters than fingerpickers. No bass player means no tether, so these guys get pretty far out there on the longer tracks...everyone looking for a new record with some teeth embedded in it and some clawmarks on the outside, line up here...Recommended" - Still Single

"Grandpa's Ghost play expansive de/reconstructed roots music for the 21st century with unpredictable, non-obvious songcraft...this would've found a great home on SST in 1985 or Drag City in 1998, but since I'm always on the lookout for great recordings made in the here and now - well, this is one of them" - Lexicon Devil

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